5 Minute Mani

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Don't Worry, Be Happy!

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Trendy Tuesday: Neon

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Review Time: Slim Fast Cocktails

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BB Cream? CC Cream? DD Cream?! What are all these alphabet creams and why do I care?

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Review Time! John Frieda Go Blonder Shampoo/Conditioner

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Frisky Friday: Ryan Gosling

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Is a 34DD the average bra size in America? Hmm...

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Throwback Thursday: Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame!

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Trendy Tuesday: Ombre

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Danielle's Secret Weapon In The Fight Against Dry Skin

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How Safe Are Natural Home Remedies Really?

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Throwback Thursday: Peace Out, Man

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Celebs: They Are Real People Too!

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Obsessed to the Max

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Review Time! Trendimi Make Up Course

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Maureen is a long time lover of beauty, fashion and all things girlie. She is lucky to have a bestie that loves beauty and silliness as much as she does! She is a licensed esthetician/makeup artist and loves it. All around, Maureen has a great life full of friends and family. Find Maureen on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.


Danielle has a nail polish obsession, and its a bit out of control. She doesn't always have the cash to fund her addiction, so she's become an expert on thrifty nail tricks! She's lucky to have Maureen, her very best friend since kindergarten, and is engaged to her boyfriend of 7 years. Connect with Danielle on Pinterest, Twitter and Tumbler.